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We specialize in helping businesses, communities, and non-profit entities meet their environmental goals by seamlessly integrating solar canopies over parking lots. Our mission is to prioritize customer needs while ensuring full-service support from project conception to installation, offering an alternative to rooftop solar while preserving valuable green space. 

Covered Parking

Parking lot solar canopies protect vehicles from the sun, rain, snow and ice. Covered parking is premium parking.

Protect Rural Land

Our solar canopies are built on already developed land, unlike large rural solar farms.

Tax Incentives

Both for-profit and non-profit entities are eligible to take the federal investment tax credit for solar canopy installations.


Solar canopies reduce the urban heat island effect, minimize summertime peak energy demand, air pollution and emissions.

Our solutions

Smart Solar Canopy

Our smart solar canopies were designed by a team of engineers.  They are manufactured in North Carolina with domestically sourced materials. They were created with function, aesthetics and ease-of-installation in mind. 

Integrated Solutions

Your smart solar canopy can be fitted out with EV chargers, battery storage and lighting.

Project Management

We can manage all or part of your project from design, engineering, installation to interconnection.

Incentive Guidance

Our partnerships with clean energy grant writers and tax advisors will ensure your project maxes out ROI.

Consultation Services

We empower our clients with clean energy consultation services on existing and new projects.

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More Efficient Land Use

Installing solar canopies on expansive parking lots offers an alternative solution to bolstering the clean energy supply for nearby structures and communities while preserving crucial ecosystems and habitats. Our smart canopies mitigate the urban heat island effects from parking lot surfaces, utilize already developed land, produce clean energy, and aid corporations, utilities, and communities in achieving their environmental targets.

The opportunity for solar parking canopies is vast, spanning across various locations like schools, airports, shopping malls, office buildings, and grocery stores. 

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Solar Canopy Parking


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